Resolution Natural-Wellness & Concierge Service, LLC

Resolution Natural-Wellness & Concierge Service, LLC


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We are a mobile Traditional & Functional medicine practice in Griffin, Georgia helping patients navigate the new healthcare landscape with convenience and non-traditional options. Uninsured is no problem: We are affordable. We provide the following services via mobile and Telehealth visits. 

  • Telemedicine & Functional Medicine
  • IV hydration Therapy
  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care 
  • Premium Membership (Unlimited Provider Access)

    We focus on individualized disease management, lifestyle-nutrition education, and natural alternative health solutions for persons seeking to be in control of their health while having the drive and the willingness to take on the challenge of changing their health-outcomes.

    Functional medicine can be for anyone. That person seeking alternative care, looking for unanswered health questions, needing root-cause analysis, or seeking long-term health maintenance. The most important key is anyone participating in functional medicine must be willing to be a team member and active in creating their own health paradigm.

    Health is a physical, mental, and spiritual state of being. A person’s attitude toward those states of being speaks volumes to their outward presentation. When we become sick, we don’t achieve wellness overnight. It takes time, patients, drive, support, and a plan. Every person’s journey is individual and there is no cookie-cutter protocol. 

    Warning: Resolution Natural-Wellness is for persons willing to take action oriented responsibility for their own health. 

    We are knowledgeable in traditional treatments and medication along with their uses and side-effects. 

    As a part of your care, we will review medical history, medications, diet, exercise, social history, previous labs, and other studies that are available to create a whole picture of your needs and individual solutions. If you do not have any lab results available we can order initial labs and recommend additional ones.

    If you don’t make time to be well… you will make time to be sick!

                                                                   ~ Unknown 

    To start your journey of Individualized person-centered care, it will be imperative that you complete our intake forms prior to your appointment. 

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