Resolution Natural-Wellness & Concierge Service, LLC

Resolution Natural-Wellness & Concierge Service, LLC


About Us

Resolution Natural-Wellness & Concierge Service, LLC


We envision offering individualized affordable healthcare to at least 2000 uninsured; then insured persons in the community through an innovative network of Concierge Functional Medicine Practitioners.


To help create educated, health accountable, action oriented clients within the community by offering person-centered health-solutions from various practitioners that support the body, mind, and spirit.

Core Values:

  • Team: Patient-practitioner healthcare approach     
  • Individual person-centered care    
  • Always answer “The Why”
  • Speak the Truth          
  • Offer natural remedies first
  • Use traditional medications when appropriate



Premier Provider

Teesia Richardson, MBA, MSN, AANP Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. I began my journey in healthcare 22 years ago as a phlebotomist. Then advancing into nursing 4 years later after receiving an Associates of Science in Nursing from Gordon State College, then a Bachelor of science in nursing at Clayton State University 3 years later.  After graduation from Gordon, I worked in a medical-surgical unit and out-patient kidney dialysis for 2 and 9 years consecutively where I also took on the role as Facility manager, which prompted me to earn an MBA at Clayton State University in 2014. Because I enjoy working directly with patients and wanting to have a more direct effect on their care, I have worked the last 5 years in local and travel Emergency departments in Georgia, Texas, and California, while completing my Masters of science in nursing from Chamberlain university. I’ve spent the last year working as a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner in South Atlanta, Georgia. I am also an Advance Practice Nurse content creator for a certification testing solutions company and a member of various professional nursing organizations.  I am a lifetime learner and enjoy looking for new ways to educate myself. My passion is wellness, functional medicine, root-cause analysis, and health coaching. I am married with 3 childern. I love sci-fi movies, travel, outdoors, gardening, and spin. 

Current Educational Endeavors:

Graduate of Fastrack Functional Medicine (2021)

Practitioner of School of Applied Functional Medicine (2022)

Resolution Natural-Wellness